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Organization:: The Austin Family Scholarship, LLC is a for profit Limited Liabilty Corporation established in SC in early 2014. It was established for the express purpose of managing a scholarship account for annual donations to students from Hanahan High School.

Management:: The company and the associated accounts are managed and direction by the company officers. Company officers are:

Ashleigh Austin (Pres. and Sec.)
Rachael Austin (V. Pres and Treas.)

Advisory Commitee:: For decisions related to this website, the information contained therein, information about the Austin family history and other content relevent to the purposes of The Austin Family Scholarship, LLC input and advise is provided from members of the Advisory Committee: (Barbara Austin, Tim Austin, Tony Austin and Ted Austin).

Scholarship Awards:: Applicant evaluation and scholarship awards are performed and decided by the LLC officers: (Ashleigh Austin, Rachael Austin)

Tax Excempt Status:: It is the objective of the LLC to obtain a taxable status that will allow tax deductive contributions. There is currently no expected date of completion for that effort.

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