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Willis Austin, Jr Memorial Scholarship

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Willis W. Austin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
(Hanahan High School Students)

The intent of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to a graduating senior from Hanahan High School with plans to attend The Citadel or Clemson University. The recipient of this scholarship will not necessarily be the class valedictorian. Beyond academics, additional significant factors shall be equally weighed in selecting the recipient. While the importance of academic achievement is obvious, there are other equally important factors that determine ones success in life. The willingness to work hard and perseverance play a significant role in one’s career. When faced with a challenge the successful step up and do what is necessary; they are self-reliant, they show determination and do what is required to reach their goal. It is a misplaced view that an assigned task or a required effort is beneath ones’ self. A willingness to work hard and do what it takes is a trait that will greatly improve anyone’s chance at success in life. In addition to the willingness to work hard , and persevere, true success is only meaningful when accompanied with integrity, character and faith. The Willis Austin, Jr Memorial Scholarship will award the Hanahan Senior who best demonstrates these traits.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements
1 – Acceptance and commitment to The Citadel or Clemson University
2 – Demonstration of a strong work ethic
3 – Demonstration of a well rounded student: character, athletics, community involvement and faith.

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